Adelaide Town Hall Lecture

You are invited to attend a lecture held by the Christadelphians on Tuesday, 15th November, 7:30pm (ACST) at the Adelaide Town Hall.

The presentation will be on the BREXIT, the resulting European instability and increased assertiveness of the Russian military.

In particular the presentation will highlight how the Bible predicts that these events will bring the world closer to the return of Jesus Christ.

On the 9th of May, the British Prime Minister made a stunning announcement when he suggested that a Brexit could lead to another World War.

With World War 2 ending only 70 years ago, many say that the European Union has played a crucial role in ending years of catastrophic wars.

Yet the EU is under attack at every level as its economy is stagnates, burdened by the flow of migrants, while to the East, Russia has begun to aggravate its borders.

Just as the Bible accurately predicted the return of Israel to their land (1948) the Bible also predicts that there will be a time when Britain will challenge Europe & Russia who will have invaded a recently re-established Israel.

After the historic re-establishment of the state of Israel and Russian foreign policy now focused on the Middle East, the situation is ripe for the fulfilment of prophecy which will see Jesus Christ return, end all wars, and establish universal peace.

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How the Brexit relates to the coming of Christ

THE BIBLE tells us that the Jewish nation of Israel, established after a period of being scattered amongst the nations, will be God’s Kingdom in the future and all other nations will serve and worship Israels king. The Kingdom of Israel will be ruled over by the Lord Jesus Christ who is to return to the earth (Acts 1:11) to establish this kingdom.

The amazing blessings of being part of this coming Kingdom are detailed in what the Bible calls ‘the gospel’ which simply means ‘good news.’ Many times in the New Testament we read of Jesus and his early followers preaching the ‘gospel of the kingdom.’ The Bible is full of quotes concerning the coming Kingdom, soon to be realised upon the earth.

In the gospel there is an invitation to all who believe what God has promised, for them to be part of and share in this Kingdom through the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The invitation has certain conditions attached to it, namely faith in the things promised by God and in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance, and obedience to God.

The rulership of the nations during the Kingdom period will be in accordance with God’s, standards and will strongly contrast the chaos that characterises many of the worlds nations and political leaders of today. There will be just laws and institutions with perfect and righteous people to administer them. The government of mankind at this time will be committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and to those who he accounts worthy to rule with him. We read in the Bible that the rulers of the world at this time will be immortal kings and priests. These kings and priests will be made up of the called, chosen, and faithful followers of Christ – some of which will have been raised from the dead and others who are still living at the time of Christ’s return.

The individuals involved in ruling the earth in righteousness will have been chosen directly after the return of Christ at Judgement.  The rulership of Christ will continue for a thousand years after which there will be a change. Sin and death will be fully abolished and the earth, at that point, will be inhabited only by immortal people for it is written: “the wicked shall not inhabit the earth” Proverbs 10:30.

God’s purpose with the Earth is found in Numbers 14:21; to fill the Earth with His glory. It is seen in Exodus 33-34 that God’s glory is His character, His perfect character. So filling the Earth with God’s glory means to fill it with His character. This will be fully achieved when all men will possess God’s character in His Kingdom.

The final state of the population upon our planet at the end of the thousand years will be a group of people who are all holy and immortal, having been redeemed from among the descendants of Adam and Eve (the first human pair, who sinned against God and brought death and mortality into the human race). They will have obtained this privilege through the principle of believing what God has promised and by doing what He commands. At the end of the thousand years, God’s purpose with His creation will be accomplished.

The Christadelphians are a group of people who hold to these essential teachings of the gospel of the Bible. We believe that sadly, mainstream Christianity has moved far away from the saving truth revealed in the scriptures. But what has this to do with the BREXIT and Russia’s rise as a super power? Well those events are God’s ways and means to bring about His plan.

Where does Russia’s uprise and the BREXIT fit into this plan and Bible prophecy?

Ezekiel 38 predicts a final world war to come where Jesus Christ the Son of God will come down with an army to destroy the world’s forces and start God’s Kingdom. What makes all this exciting right now is that Britain has left the European Union. The BREXIT has been expected by Christadelphians since Britain first aligned themselves with the EU. The answers to why can be found in Ezekiel 38.

“Now the word of the LORD came to me, saying. ‘Son of man, set your face against Gog. Of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meschech, and Tubal, and prophesy against him, and say, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, I am against you, O Gog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal…” (Ezekiel 38:1-3)

At first glance this may seem inconsequential but through study it can be found that this is speaking of the Russian power. Gog simply means ‘one at the top’ or dictator. Rosh is referring to the oldest form of the Russian empire and is named by Gesenius (a professor of Theology and a renowned Hebrew scholar) as being ‘undoubtedly the Russians.’ Gesenius was not a Christadelphian and he wrote this in 1846!

We read on to find that Magog (Eastern Europe), Meschech (Moscow), Tubal (Tubolski), Persia (Iran), Ethiopia, Libya, Gomer (Western Europe including France) and Togarmah (Turkey) are to form a Russian led; European and Middle Eastern force against the land of Israel.

According to the Bible then, we would expect these territories to unite at the time just before the return of Christ. Currently most of the territories of Magog and Gomer are indeed united within the treaties of the ‘European Union,’ which is heading ever closer towards the ‘United States of Europe.’ However, the Bible tells us that not only will the nations of Europe be united politically, but they will also unite with the other powers depicted in Ezekiel 38:1-9. They will become part of one ‘kingdom’ made up of a collective Russian, European, North African, Turkish and Iranian alliance. It is the amalgamation of all the territories of the ancient “Kingdom of men” from all its various phases as depicted in Daniel 2 and Daniel 7.

So what does that have to do with the Britain?

In verses 13 we see an opposing force who come and question the invading powers motives – Tarshish.

It is important to establish which nation is represented by historical Tarshish. To substantiate this, we can find many indications in scripture to prove that Tarshish is infact talking about Britain.

Below are listed a number of scriptural references to Tarshish followed by historical substantiation:

Clue Verses Time Period
1.  Descendent of Japheth Gen 10:1-4 4000BC
2.  An ancient maritime power 2Chr 9:21

Psa 48:7

Isa 2:16; 23:1; 60:9

Eze 27:25

900 BC+
3.  Traded in ancient global markets 2 Chr 9:21 900 BC
4.  Located to the West of Israel Jonah1:3 600 BC
5.  Ancient sources of silver, iron, tin and lead Eze 27:12 600 BC
6.  Takes over from Tyre Isa 23:6-7 570 BC +
7.  Is a colonial power (ie. Has colonies that have become independant Eze 38:13 – Compare with Eze 19:1-3 ‘young lions’ – independent offspring of mother lion Latter days 1948+
8.  Trading power in the gulf Eze 38:13 Latter days 1948+
  1. Descendent of Japheth: As a descendent of Japheth, Britain does indeed inhabit part of Western Europe as Josephus (a Hebrew historian) said they would.
  1. Maritime Power: Being an island, it is not surprising that Britain has a huge maritime history which stretches back into the mists of time. It is unquestionable that the inhabitants of Britain were building and using boats at the time of Solomon and Ezekiel, and therefore could answer to the “ships of Tarshish”.
  1. Traded in Global Markets: Can it be demonstrated that ancient Britain traded in global markets? Yes it can! One such example of this is in the find of a wreck off the coast near Salcombe in Devon. The vessel was dated to around 900BC which is the time of Ezekiel, called “The Bronze age”. The Daily Telegraph reported on the find. Its headline and leading text states: “3,000-year-old shipwreck shows European trade was thriving in Bronze Age. The discovery of one of the world’s oldest shipwrecks shows that European trade was thriving even in the Bronze Age, according to experts.”
  1. Located in the West of Israel: Britain is obviously located far west of Israel, so would fit as a destination for the boat that Jonah boarded in Jonah chapter 1.
  1. Source of Silver, Iron, Tin and Lead: All four of these metals are found as minerals in Britain. These were mined at least as far back as the Roman period. Evidence of older mining is also available, although difficult to obtain, as this time period is prehistoric. For example, a tin ingot, found in St Mawes in Cornwall in 1812, has been suggested to be “prehistoric”. There are “Bronze age” shipwrecks, which give us proof that tin and other metals were being transferred from Britain by boat at the time of Ezekiel.Herodotus, writing around 400BC, informs us about where the ancient Greeks obtained their tin; “Of that part of Europe nearest to the west I am not able to speak with decision. I by no means believe that the barbarians give the name of Eridanus to a river which empties itself into the Northern Sea; whence, as it is said, our amber comes. Neither am I better acquainted with the islands called the Cassiterides, from which we are said to have our tin… It is nevertheless certain that both our tin and our amber are brought from those extreme regions.”      So according to Herodotus, the tin used so prolifically by the Greeks to make bronze was a commodity obtained from “islands” from “extreme regions”. Britain fits this description. Other ancient sources also agree. For example Julius Caesar mentions British metal production in his commentaries as well as the Greek historian Diodorus of Sicily. Perhaps the most interesting of historical references though, is one we find by the Greek historian Strabo, who describes the Cassiterides where the Greeks obtained their tin: “The Cassiterides are ten in number, and lie near each other in the ocean toward the north from the haven of the Artabri… Of the metals, they have tin and lead, which, with skins, they barter with the merchants for earthenware, salt, and brazen vessels. Formerly the Phoenicians alone, from Gades, engrossed this market, hiding the navigation from all others. The Phoenicians were the only ones to go to the Cassiterides and they protected the knowledge of them as the source of valuable metal commodities (including tin). From these findings, we can establish that the required minerals exist for tin, iron, silver and lead within Britain. There is also evidence that they were mined, refined and traded by boat in ancient times.
  1. Takes over from Tyre: Britain has controlled the ancient trade routes of the Phoenicians. A famous example of this is the “East India Company” which was formed in 1601. This company was granted a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth 1st and was founded to explore the mysteries of the east. The company not only did this, but also set up, established and dominated trade routes to the east.It can indeed be said that the power and influence of Tyre did “pass over” to Britain in these times, as the prophecies of Isaiah require.
  1. Colonial Power: Britain has independent political offspring in the form of the Commonwealth of Nations. Previously known as the “British Commonwealth”, the organisation is made up of 53 member states that were territories of the former British Empire.These territories, although part of the Commonwealth, are independent of British rule and therefore can be presented as being the “young lions” of the old “mother lion” of Britain. It is also interesting to consider the fact that the lion is often used as a symbol for Britain, almost as though the angels of God have left this marker in popular culture to help us make this connection, should we look for it.
  1. Trading power in the Gulf: Britain is a huge trading partner with the Gulf states and is set to increase its capacity in this regard, especially if it does leave the European Union. It has a very special trade relationship with many of the Gulf states which stretches back over a hundred years. This is illustrated by the 2015 UK Trade and Investment’s “Gulf Tour”. The UK government held events around Britain in 2015 to encourage further trade with the Gulf. The following information is taken from their website:
    1. Kuwait is one of the UK’s largest export partners at £1.5 billion in goods and services alone (2014).
    2. Qatar is UK’s third largest export market in the Middle East. In 2014, UK export of goods to Qatar increased 14% to £1.67bn.
    3. Saudi Arabia – the UK exports of goods and services in 2014 totalled more than £7 billion to Saudi Arabia and it is designated as one of the UK Trade & Investment’s high growth markets.
    4. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the UK’s largest market in the Middle East and the 12th biggest globally… The UAE is a key trading hub for British companies – around 50% of UK goods are re-exported to a regional Middle East and North African market worth over £150bn.

The British Royal Navy patrol the Gulf permanently and frequently carry out operations. They have been doing this since October 1980 under an operation known as “Operation Kipion”. On the Royal Navy’s website it states that they are there to enable “the safe flow of trade and oil in the area”. This does position Britain in an area we would expect from the Tarshish of Bible prophecy, who will challenge the northern invader; “art thou come to take a spoil?” (Ezekiel 38:13).

Is Britain alone in this opposition of such a large force?

We can see from the proofs of Britain as a colonial power and also from the mentions in Ezekial 38 of Sheba, Dedan and the young lions that she is not alone in opposing the invading force. Sheba and Dedan are also mentioned as opposing the forces of Russia, along with the the young lion which represent the nations of the Commonwealth that Britain finds such pride in mothering and representing.

So what has this to do with the BREXIT and its importance?

As we have demonstrated, Ezkeiel shows that Britain will oppose Russia who leads a force compiled mostly of European countries, against Israel.

In order to prepare for such a configuration to take place, Britain had to leave the  same European Union that it will eventually oppose.

We can therefore confidently assert that the destiny of Britain lies apart from the European Union. Plans are afoot in Europe to head towards a ‘United States of Europe’ with the unification of European countries into a single sovereign federation of states. In 2009 a ‘President of the European Council’ was elected. The union has its own flag and anthem. There are also calls being made to form a European army. Britain, as the Tarshish power, surely cannot continue along the same lines.

Who is the third force that was mentioned earlier?

Reading on in Ezekiel and also in Zechariah 14 it is made obvious that the Commonwealth resistance is futile and hopeless. Israel is taken over and 2 thirds of its population are destroyed. So would God let His people be destroyed completely? Is this the end of God’s chosen nation? By no means! In both chapters we see that God intervenes, He sends His Son Jesus Christ leading an army of immortal saints and along with numerous natural disasters proceeds to destroy the armies that dare oppose God.

What happens after Armageddon?

Once the armies of the nations are destroyed it will then be the role of the immortal saints to fix the world of all its troubles. Deserts will spring with water and flower, the hungry will be fed and the wicked destroyed. But most importantly the righteous characteristics of God will known and spread throughout the whole Earth.